Volo Media

A digital publishing company based in sunny Mellieha, Malta

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Our team

Young professionals taking the internet world by storm

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Our business

We operate more than 200 websites in 8 different markets, with the aim of bringing interesting content and high quality information to the world.

The websites currently managed by Volo Media cover a vast range of subjects in various sectors such as deals, shopping, travel, finance, dating and food. We are active with several of the same website concepts in different geographical markets.

We absolutely love turning ideas into reality: launching new websites, growing and managing online communities, optimising revenue.

But, you’re wondering, as many people do — how DO you make money with websites?

For our advertisers, we supply branding, leads and sales opportunities, driving high quality organic and paid traffic from our websites, e-mail newsletters and social media to our client’s websites. We write about them, they make sales, we get paid!


How we work

Thanks to our team writing amazing content, we can drive quality traffic: SEO, search advertising, e-mail marketing, social media and native.

By finding the right business model we can optimise revenue: each of our website concepts is approached with a fresh mind and doused with unique attention.

We value building a long-term relationship with our users, business partners and advertisers alike.

Volo Media strives to strengthen the market share of its flagship websites in the current markets and to expand these to new potential markets.

We take pride in the synergy between our online content and email marketing strategy.

Our trick is to find the right balance between handling projects in-house and outsourcing.

We believe in treating our customers and employees with respect and trust. We grow through creativity and innovation but also integrate transparency, integrity and business ethics in all aspects of our business.


Our Mission

Be Passionate
We absolutely love turning ideas into reality. We launch new websites about topics our staff members have shown interest in all the time, because when you work on something you’re passionate about, it doesn’t feel (as much) like work!

Get Experience
We hire for attitude, not skills. Each new team member is welcomed into our (yes, we know it’s a cliché, but we really feel that way) little family. By being open about our strategy and operational procedures, but also by providing regular training opportunities (both internal and external), we encourage every team member to develop themselves as all-round as possible.

Become Specialized
We all had to start somewhere, but as a fast-growing company many members of our staff has received internal promotions, either by becoming team leaders or finding specialised functions based on their skills and interests.




What’s next?

Now that you know about us… we look forward to meeting you!

You can either apply for a position or discover how to work with us as an advertiser or business partner.